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High Performing State Agencies Recognized for Achieving Budget, Strategic Goals

January 8, 2009

MONTGOMERY- High performing state agencies are being recognized for their commitment to transparency, accountability and strategic planning. The Department of Finance Executive Planning Office (EPO) has awarded High Performer status to 13 state agencies for the previous fiscal year of 2008.


“Earning High Performer status proves an agency is dedicated to operating more efficiently and with greater transparency,” said State Finance Director Jim Main. “Agencies work hard to identify and achieve their goals. This planning process requires them to produce quantifiable results and report them to our Executive Planning Office.”


To be considered a High Performer, agencies must meet a number of criteria as part of the SMART Governing program administered by the EPO. These include meeting all deadlines for submitting required documents, including quarterly performance reports that indicate the progress an agency is making toward achieving its stated goals. An agency must also meet 80% of its projected performance targets.


The SMART Governing initiative was established by Governor Bob Riley in 2004 in an effort to make state government more accountable to taxpayers. In its 2008 Grading the States Report, the Pew Center cited SMART Governing for helping Alabama make what it called “significant” progress in recent years. SMART is an acronym for specific results, measurable key goals, accountable to taxpayers, responsive to customers and transparent to everyone.


Following careful evaluation of agency performance, the 13 agencies listed below were designated as High Performers for fiscal year 2008.


Alabama Banking Department

Alabama Board of Nursing

Alabama Department of Archives and History

Alabama Department of Environmental Management

Alabama Department of Industrial Relations

Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation

Alabama Department of Public Health

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

Alabama Department of Revenue

Alabama Educational Television Commission

Alabama Supreme Court

Alabama Securities Commission

Alabama State Employees Insurance Board


Extensive state agency data, including budget requests and quarterly performance reports, are available online at



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