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New Database Unveils Leases of State Agencies

April 12, 2007

MONTGOMERY, Ala., April 12, 2007 – As of today, a new online database reveals information regarding state agencies’ leases of building space and other real property. The web-based ‘Lease Search’ provides a readily-available and transparent view into the state’s real estate lease transactions. It also will serve as a resource for agencies considering sublease and consolidation opportunities and cost comparisons for specific locations.

The database was created and will be maintained by the State Finance Department’s Office of State Buildings and Space Management (OSBSM). “OSBSM provides technical support to the building maintenance and operations staff of the Finance Department’s Service Division and awards, supervises and administers the design and construction contracts for Public Works projects assigned by the State Finance Director,” states Searcy Rushing, Service Division Chief of Services. “OSBSM also provides oversight of state agencies’ leases of real estate (land or building space). All real estate leases requiring the approval of the Finance Director and/or Governor must be submitted to OSBSM for review and recommendation of approval.”

Acting OSBSM Officer Jim Yoder explains, “Our previous database was strictly a tool for recording and tracking lease documents through the approval process. It had very limited data storage and no search or sort capabilities. Our only method of providing lease information was to search through printed documents. Consequently, obtaining information was time consuming and prone to fallibility.”

Construction of the extensive database and design of the searchable, web-based tool has taken approximately one year to complete; but the time, energy and expense will pay off in benefits for those taking advantage of the project.

“The new database is designed for storage and retrieval of detailed lease data and provides a multitude of methods for sorting and reporting data,” continues Yoder. “Lease documents are now scanned into our computer system and can easily and quickly be retrieved and shared electronically.”

Although Lease Search does not display the full content of information stored in the database, it provides basic information from which the user can identify a lease of interest and request additional facts from OSBSM.

Those interested in accessing the database may do so through the State Department of Finance’s website at

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