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Construction Begins on E85 Project

January 24, 2007

MONTGOMERY, Ala., January 24, 2007 – Construction began this morning on an E85 tank and dispensing equipment at the state Motor Pool in Montgomery. The 12,000 gallon tank and two pumps will be located at the Office of Fleet Management, an extension of the Service Division of the Alabama Department of Finance.

“Alternative fuels protect our environment and reduce our dependency on foreign oil,” stated Governor Bob Riley. “State government should lead by example and we are excited about the E85 project for our motor pool fleet.”

In 1998, a federal directive from the Department of Energy required that 75 percent of new acquisitions by state motor pools be flex-fuel. Alabama is one of only a handful of states to comply with this mandate. In fact, Alabama not only met the requirement, but exceeded it.

“The State Motor Pool is delighted to about this project and proud to be the first state facility to install an ethanol refueling station,” explained Searcy Rushing, Director of the Department of Finance Service Division. “We currently have 132 flex-fuel vehicles that will have the capability to burn ethanol and take advantage of all of the benefits of the new fuel.”

E85 is composed of 85 percent ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and 15 percent petroleum. The clean-burning fuel is designed for use in flexible-fuel vehicles, referred to as ‘flex-fuel,’ or ‘FFVs.’ E85 is an excellent choice for personal and fleet vehicles and has numerous benefits:

  • E85 is good for the environment. It contains more oxygen, so it burns cleaner and has less tailpipe emissions. Air pollution and greenhouse gas scores, as well as fuel economy of vehicles, are available at
  • If spilled, E85 is less toxic to the environment.
  • The cost of E85 is less than that of petroleum.
  • The use of E85 reduces consumption of non-renewable resources by replacing the use of petroleum with a renewable-based fuel.
  • E85 supports agriculture, as the products required for the fuel can be grown by America’s farmers.
  • E85 is easy to handle and use. The equipment is slightly different than equipment used to dispense petroleum fuels, but the cost of equipment is comparable.
  • FFVs have exactly that—flexibility. Drivers have the option of filling up with gasoline or other fuels.

Cobb Environmental and Technical Services (CETS), an engineering and geological firm based in Tupelo, Miss., won the project bid at $343,222. Construction is scheduled for completion by May 5, 2007.

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