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State's Mail Room Processes Mail for Miles

April 12, 2007

MONTGOMERY, Ala., April 12, 2007 – Approximately 13.5 million pieces of mail will come and go through the State Central Mail Room (SCMR) this year—the equivalent of one piece of mail being sent to or from every single citizen in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and most of Arkansas. If laid end to end, annually-processed mail would cover over two thousand miles—the distance from Montgomery to Los Angeles.

“The mission of our operation is to insure that every piece of outgoing mail is processed and placed with the US Postal Service the same day we receive it, as well as to deliver all interagency mail in a timely manner, ”explained Searcy Rushing, director of the Department of Finance Service Division. “This is no small task, considering we process about 260,000 pieces each week.”

In addition to delivering all incoming mail received from the US Postal Service for zip code 36130, three mail routes pick up and process all outgoing and interagency mail from state agencies in the city of Montgomery. Services currently provided include mail systems design, certified mail processing, delivery and signature confirmation, postage by phone, mail pick-up and delivery and discount mail rates—pretty much a full-service operation. Inserting will be added to the services this month.

Recipients of mail passing through the operation can be assured their pieces are not only handled with care—they are guaranteed safe, thanks to the usage of a Smith’s Detection X-ray scanner. Each and every piece of incoming mail received from the US Postal Service is scanned through the unit before delivery.

Nick Veronese, manager of Central Mail Operations, added, “One of our goals is to provide the best service at the lowest rates possible and to stay abreast of the most efficient way to do both. For instance, by bar-coding the large volume of mail processed through our operation, the state annually saves over half a million dollars alone in discount-postage. We are completely self-supported with no funding from the state general fund, so saving the state over half a million a year solely with this one process is quite substantial.”

SCMR’s informative web site ( educates visitors on everything from the upcoming national postage increase scheduled for May 2007 to how to identify suspicious packages.

Mail is processed at the State Mailroom, located on Union Street in Montgomery, as well as in two branch mailrooms located in the Alabama State House and Folsom Administration Building. Sixteen employees are disbursed between the three locations to handle the enormous and important duties of the operation.

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The mission of the State of Alabama Department of Finance is to provide outstanding resourceful leadership and service in areas of financial management and operational support to advance the Governor’s mission of restoring trust and transforming state government. The Finance Director is the chief financial officer of the state, the advisor of the Governor and of the Legislature in financial matters, and at all times, is charged with protecting the financial interests of the state. The Director is also responsible to the Governor for the administration of the Department of Finance and its divisions: purchasing, comptroller, information services, budget, service management (state motor pool, mail room, central supply and space management), risk management, legal, finance accounting and debt management.

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