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National Association Commends State Comptroller’s Office for Leadership, Accountability

July 30, 2008

MONTGOMERY- Alabama’s commitment to maintaining high standards in financial matters is being recognized by the Association of Government Accountants, or AGA.


State Comptroller Bob Childree was today named a recipient of the 2008 National President’s Award from AGA, an honor which applauds Childree’s outstanding accounting efforts and those of his staff.


“This award should be considered a tribute to Alabama’s willingness to be a true leader in the development of standards and promoting open, transparent and full accountability in state government,” said Childree.


“My affiliation with the Association of Government Accountants and my selection to serve as chair of the AGA Financial Management Standards Board has enabled Alabama to be on the cutting edge of information relative to governmental accounting standards. Because of this involvement, Alabama has a role in the development of those standards. And we continue to stay at the top in compliance with General Accepted Accounting Principles for governments.”


State Finance Director Jim Main said the AGA award is a reminder of what’s important in public service. “Our goal is to better serve the citizens of Alabama. This award recognizes the state comptroller and his staff for the work they do every day to insure accurate accounting of taxpayer money.”


AGA’s National President’s Awards are given by the organization’s outgoing president at the end of his or her term of service. The award recognizes extraordinary contributions toward the goal of excellence and accountability in government financial matters.


Founded in 1950 and based in Alexandria, Virginia, the Association of Government Accountants includes members working in federal, state and local government, as well as the private sector and in academic settings.

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