Debt Management

The Division of Debt Management and Capital Planning is involved in the issue of all general obligation and certain special revenue bonds of the State of Alabama.

Sandi Taylor, Accounting Manager
Ph (334) 353-1199

Alabama Dept. of Finance
Division of Debt Management
100 N. Union Street, Suite 224
Montgomery, AL 36130-2617

Stanja Bond, Senior Accountant
Ph (334) 353-9093

Types of Bonds

General Obligation Bonds pledge the full faith and credit of the State and are payable from taxes and other general revenue sources. General Obligation Bond issues are authorized by Constitutional Amendments.

Revenue Bonds or Special Revenue Bonds are limited obligations that are generally issued by public corporations of the State that are established by Acts of the Legislature. Specific revenues are pledged for the payment of principle and interest.

Grant Anticipation Bonds pledge the receipts of a particular grant for the payment of principle and interest on the bonds.